SBF Paving: Long-Lasting Pavement Solutions with Chipseal Asphalt in Temple, Waco & Killeen, TX

SBF Construction and Paving is capable of doing a wide range of chip seal projects ranging from small driveways, subdivisions and commercial complexes. We have a vast amount of experience in driveway sealing and look forward to helping you determine if a driveway sealer is a right application for you.

Chipseal is not the solution for everyone, but in the right circumstance, they are definitely worth the time, effort, and money to install. The true intent for a chip seal is to seal the surface of the driveway or parking lot and to also establish a new wearing surface on top to further enhance the longevity and durability. Chipseal can be used on a new driveway or an existing gravel or asphalt drive. If your asphalt is starting to crack, we can extend the life by 10x with an overlay or chip seal. For a drive that won’t be dusty, wash away in the rain, and requires the least amount of maintenance, chip seal asphalt is the way to go.

Chipseal Paving near Waco Texas
Chipset SBF Paving Waco Temple Texas

What is Chipseal Asphalt?

Chipseal is a preventative maintenance technique that extends the lifespan of your existing asphalt pavement. The process involves applying a layer of hot asphalt binder followed by a topcoat of crushed rock chips. These chips are embedded into the binder, creating a textured surface that offers several benefits:

    • Protects Against Weather Damage: Chipseal acts as a barrier, shielding your asphalt from water penetration, UV rays, and oxidation, which can cause cracks and premature aging.
    • Improved Traction: The textured surface provides better traction for vehicles and pedestrians, especially in wet conditions.
    • Cost-Effective Maintenance: Chipseal is a significantly more affordable option compared to a full asphalt overlay.
    • Enhanced Curb Appeal: A fresh chipseal application restores a dark, clean appearance to your asphalt surface.

SBF Paving: Your Chipseal Experts

At SBF Paving, we take pride in delivering high-quality chipseal installations:

    • Free Consultation: Our team will assess your asphalt surface and determine if chipseal is the right solution for your needs.
    • Thorough Surface Preparation: We ensure a proper bond by cleaning and repairing any minor cracks in your existing asphalt.
    • Professional Chipseal Application: We use state-of-the-art equipment to apply the hot asphalt binder and crushed rock chips evenly and efficiently.
    • Quality Materials: We use only the finest asphalt binder and durable rock chips for a long-lasting chipseal application.
Chipseal Paving near Waco Texas
Chipset SBF Paving Waco Temple Texas

Why Choose SBF Paving for Your Chipseal Project?

    • Experienced Professionals: Our team has extensive experience in chipseal installations, ensuring a professional and efficient project.
    • Commitment to Quality: We use the best materials and techniques to deliver a chipseal surface that protects and enhances your asphalt pavement.
    • Competitive Rates: We offer affordable chipseal solutions to fit your budget.
    • Local Expertise: We understand the unique climate conditions in Central Texas and can recommend the most suitable chipseal application for your needs.

Protect and Extend the Life of Your Asphalt with SBF Paving’s Chipseal Services

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