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Your driveway is something that you use every single day. Several times a day. Several times a day. Aren’t you tired of driving on the grass to avoid that pothole. Or having your car covered in dust from the exposed base? Stepping on a muddy driveway when it rains? Call SBF Construction & Paving for a free estimate.

SBF Construction & Paving is fully equipped to handle any sized construction projects, from commercial parking lots to your neighborhood driveway. With smaller sized rollers, bobcats and rock buckets, we can give you the most professional job as we would for the biggest parking lot. Our crew of employees are all trained and know exactly the steps to give the customer a high quality surface after leaving your property. Installing a long lasting, durable product that is better than what was once existing. We’ve seen the biggest pot holes, erosion, mud, muck and cracked asphalt, SBF Construction and Paving will resurface, restore and revamp the entire look of your home.

Base Foundation Work

SBF Construction and Paving is excited to offer parking lot paving services to the Temple, TX. We are designed to make the process of repaving or creating a parking lot easier and more affordable.

Chipseal Asphalt Installation

SBF Construction and Paving is capable of doing a wide range of chip seal projects ranging from small driveways, subdivisions and commercial complexes.

Hotmix Asphalt Installation

Whether you’re paving a driveway or an entire parking lot, an asphalt application provides a cost-effective way to create a safe and smooth surface, for wheels and heels.

Warranty on our work

Serving Bell County Texas and the surrounding areas.

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