Asphalt Paving Services
in Temple, Texas

SBF Construction and Paving is the leading authority in exceptional asphalt paving services.

SBF Paving in Temple, Texas

High Quality Durable Paving in Temple, Texas.

SBF Construction and Paving uses high-quality, durable construction materials to create durable surfaces that can withstand heavy usage and the test of time.

Residential Paving Services in Temple, Texas

Fully equipped to handle any sized construction projects, from commercial parking lots to your neighborhood

Commercial Paving Services in Texas

SBF Construction and Paving has all the big equipment to professionally install asphalt parking lots, concrete curbs.

Construction and Paving Services in Bell, Texas

Asphalt paving, chipseal asphalt paving, concrete, parking lot striping, parking lot sealcoat, hotmix asphalt patch repair

What People Think About SBF Construction and Paving

A Scott Farr Company

A Family-Owned Paving Business in Temple, Texas.

SBF Construction and Paving has been owned by Scott Farr for over 20 years and has always served Bell County, Texas and surrounding areas.

Starting out with just one dump truck while still attending senior year in high school, SBF Construction and Paving has grown tremendously. 

There is no job too big or too small. Taking zero money until the job is done and the customer is happy, makes us stand above the rest with just that. Living local, shopping local, and working local means we’re always around to answer the phone, come by to give a free estimate, or check on a problem should it arise.

SBF Construction and Paving have worked hard to make an honest name and stand behind every job we’ve ever done. Let us show you the excellent work we can do in a professional, timely manner.

Asphalt Repair

Whether you’re paving a driveway or an airport runway, an asphalt application provides a cost-effective way to create a safe and smooth surface, for wheels and heels.

Parking Lot Paving

We are offering parking lot paving services in Temple, TX. Designed to make the process of repaving or creating a parking lot easier and more affordable than ever before.

Seal Coating

ONLY uses a highway department grade seal coat material, giving you the best quality job that you can buy. Our seal coat won’t crinkle when tires get turned on the pavement.

Chip Sealing

Capable of doing a wide range of chip seal projects ranging from small driveways, subdivisions, County Roads, and commercial complexes to DOT Highway installations.


SBF Construction and Paving not only pours new concrete but we bust out the old existing concrete. 

Construction and Paving in Temple, Texas

Serving Bell County Texas and the surrounding areas.

SBF Paving

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The first step to beginning any residential or commercial construction project is to contact SBF Construction and Paving to request an estimate.

Simply fill out the contact request form below or give us a call. After gathering some initial information from you about your project and goals, we can begin to form a preliminary estimate which will enable you to see whether SBF Construction and Paving is a good fit for you.

Whether you are looking for pre-construction assistance, seeking construction management assistance, or needing another type of specialized help… SBF Construction and Paving is the right company for the job.



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